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Welcome to our ACH E-Mandate facility using the authentication of your Bank's Net banking log-in or Debit card PIN, instead of filling up and signing the physical mandate. This facility is available for Savings Bank account with some Banks. Please press here for the list. Thanks to NPCI and the relevant Banks for this utility.
Details about this facility:
  1. ACH mandate has to be issued from the Bank Account registered with HDFC Ltd. as Repayment Account/s as appearing in the Loan Sanction Letter. In case you want to change your bank account please visit the nearest HDFC Ltd. Service Center.
  2. Authentication for E-Mandate requires an Active Net banking log-in. Some banks do provide it through your Debit Card too.
  3. Mobile Number/Email Id registered with HDFC Ltd. should be active for receiving the OTP for ACH Registration. You may contact any of HDFC Ltd. offices to update contact details if necessary.
  4. The maximum amount for an E-Mandate is Rs.1 Lac. For an amount above Rs.1 lac, you will have to issue a paper mandate.
  5. Separate E-Mandate has to be submitted for each Loan Account.
  6. IFSC and MICR should be verified or updated as mentioned on your Cheque/Passbook, whichever is latest.
  7. Maximum Amount per mandate will be twice the EMI (i.e.,EMI X 2 ) or Rs.1 Lakh whichever is lower. The 'maximum amount' is to take care of changes in EMI during the term of the loan. However your account will normally be debited with 1 EMI per month.
  8. The available strike dates in a month are the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 27th, or the Last day of the month.
  9. The 'From Date' is the first strike date ie. the first Date of Payment.
  10. Mandates are generally presented on the 'Strike Date' mentioned in your mandate. If the strike date falls on a Bank Holiday, the mandate will be presented on the next working day. Sometimes due to other technical reasons, the mandate may be presented a few days later also. Therefore you are advised to maintain adequate balance until the mandate is presented.
  11. ACH Registration Process may take a maximum of 10 days. Post Dated Cheques may have to be submitted for the intervening period to nearest HDFC Ltd. Service Center.
  12. This facility requires a 10 digit personal Indian Mobile Number to receive SMS. However, it is not mandatory.
  13. Please Provide Personal Mail ID to receive Emails.
  14. E Mandate cannot be issued under the following situations.
    1. Loan Repayment is through arrangements with builder or any special scheme.
    2. You have opted to split the EMI Payment between you and Co-Borrowers or pay through more than one Bank account.
    3. The bank details displayed online are not as per your bank records.
    4. Your bank (i.e. the Bank from which the E Mandate is to be issued) is not registered with NPCI for API E-Mandate.
Please do not share your Netbanking Log-in ID and passwords to anyone. Also do not share your debit card number, CVV and PIN Number.
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